49ers: Jim Harbaugh Press Conference: Sep. 16, 2013

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Here are some brief notes from 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh’s press conference on Monday, September 16.

49ers Jim Harbaugh

49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh. Photo by Sean McMahon

1.) 49ers nose tackle Ian Williams is out for the year. Harbaugh has indicated that the 49ers will address the possibility of finding a replacement. Merely speculation as we speak. Did not have a problem with the cut block, indicated that it is within the rules and cannot be used as a complaint.

2.) 49ers Safety Eric Reid has improved, and is going through “protocol” as they judge his availability for the 49ers/Colts matchup on Sunday. More available later in the week.

3.) There are no new developments on Ray McDonald. Going through X-Rays and will have more news on his availability within the week.

4.) Harbaugh cites “good coverage and pressure” as reasons why the 49ers passing game was sub par. Defends the play of Colin Kaepernick, stating he “competed” and was the best player, offensively, for the 49ers yesterday.

5.) “Momentum plays” made the 49ers eventually cave in. Cited the empty drive in which Kaepernick threw his first INT as game changer.

6.) When asked about Ahmad Brooks’ hit on Russell Wilson, Harbaugh deflected the attention, stating “let someone else carry the water on that one.” Clearly he disagrees with the rule, but if it’s considered legal, than play accordingly.

7.) On Richard Sherman: “Did a great job, he’s an excellent player.”

8.) The 49ers coaching staff will be zeroing in on improving the passing game in this week’s practice.

9.) The 49ers are “better for it” when talking of facing three-straight pro bowl worthy quarterbacks.

10.) When asked of the lack of production in the running game, Harbaugh again deflected the question, explaining how it’s early in the season and it must be addressed.


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